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Is a flesh hoop entirely necessary to use/install a skin head? Are there alternative ways or devices to do the installation? I am just starting into the construction of OT banjos, and need some guidance. Thanks

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The alternative is a tackhead. A tension hoop needs a flesh hoop. As far as I know.

Not that I've constructed one yet, but if you look at rope tension drums from the same time period as "minstrel" style banjos, they also have flesh hoops for the heads.  I'm not sure how the head could be stretched otherwise, aside from, as Terry mentioned, tacking it on.  Heck even modern drums have the metal hoop the head is mounted to and a rim that presses down on it, torqued down with threaded tension rods to hold it on the shell.  Anyway, my two cents. 

thanks for your replies. I'm starting to understand a little more about the function of the flesh hoop.

Can't help noticing the words "flesh hoop" being bandied about so freely and often recently. We'd better tone it down or I won't be able to log in at work anymore.

Skin ring ?   :P

Skin ring ?   :P

Uh oh, I'll be up for questioning for sure now!


Tom - Here's a link I found recently that may be of some visual help.  Terry can probably furnish you with something as well...maybe.  "How to Install a Skin Banjo Head"

Matthew-thanks for the link. I actually found the same Stew Mac guide earlier this morning! I appreciate your response. Tom

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