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Since AEBG is no more, I was thinking of an ideal Midwestern gathering. A long shot, but imagine this -  it is a ghost town in the UP ( Upper Peninsula ) and now a state park. It has an actual opera house, or rather small theatre. It would be a beautiful place to be outside and play in all the buildings.....school house, hotel, small worker homes, and of course the main furnace rooms with their glorious cave-like echo,


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It does look like a cool venue.  Unfortunately, it's nearly as far, the opposite way, for us as Antietam, which means it's twice as far as most who have been attending AEBG.  Could we move the Fayette ghost town to somewhere around Morgantown, WV?  Is the Pry farm definitely out or are we still waiting confirmation on what we suspect to be out?

16 hour (two day) drive for me each way, passing through Canada.  For me in New York it's just not feasible.  Flying is out, considering banjos and additional car rental.  For someone in say Baltimore, it's about a 15 hour drive each way (allowing for an hour of stopping).

In contrast, Antietam was about a 7.5 hour drive for me each way.

Yea, it is far from EVERYTHING...but sure is a cool place.

Did you perform in the opera house in the past?

yea...see video. I can imagine this place with a full Minstrel circle and a full house. They are so resonant...to project volume, but I think a certain amount of sound absorbtion is built into the equation.

That place was a true "Company Town". 

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