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I recorded another version of "Ephriam's Lament", this time with tambo, frame drum and bones; fooling around with my multitrack settings and process in hopes that I can get a little more consistent in my output.  Also as an excuse to start fooling around with Bandcamp:

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Looks like a way to share audio without a video.....helpful here.

Maybe it's just me Andy, but when I click to Play, it crashes my Firefox.  I'd love to hear it!

We need more rabble rousing tambos.. and drums and fifes and hollers and rattles and bells and concertinas and boots and bones in this world! ...so we don't all sound like a well mannered 1915 banjo club orchestra.  It's too easy to get so caught up in formal scores and tabs that we lose the celebration and general whoop.   I've been practicing tambo, frame drum, rattles,  and bones as well.

It plays fine for me on Safari.

Strumelia - sorry about that!  Maybe try the direct link? https://anchase.bandcamp.com/track/ephriams-lament 
Or failing that, I also posted it on MetaFilter: https://music.metafilter.com/7808/Ephriams-Lament

Tim - I used the 'Embed' code that you can get for an individual track on Bandcamp, and then used the 'Media' button here on Ning.  Seems like support is somewhat limited; Ning ignores any dimensions you try to suggest and sticks it in a fixed rectangular box.  Here is the list of 3rd party sites that ning supposedly lets you embed:


(I see soundcloud is on there too.)

RE: percussion and other instruments, I agree that it adds a whole layer of richness to this music that you can't get from a solo score.  In terms of 'historical accuracy' it does make a bit of a fork in the road; absent any actual scores for percussion instruments (I do seem to recall John Masciale mentioning a period score with tambourine, triangle and fire tongs?) it quickly gets into "but we don't know for sure what kinds of rhythms they were playing" territory - which is a worthwhile academic discussion.  But I think experimenting with percussion and other accompaniments for this music is a natural next step in a resurrected/living tradition sense.

I found bandcamp is a lil better for free accounts. Soundcloud limits your free account quite a bit as far as uploads. I have all of my old hip hop/sample based midi production/improvised synth noise on bandcamp from many moons ago

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