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So (toot toot) I recorded a new CD. It is called "Elegant Plunk" and contains 16 original compositions written in the style of the mid 19th Century on my fretted Minstrel Banjo. It was recorded and Mastered in a top studio in Ann Arbor, and really brings out the wonderful colors of the Early Banjo. Many tunes were written in homage to my friends at Ning, with songs named for them ( much like the practice of 19th Century). Mostly fingerstyle, it flips back and and forth to Stroke in the Hybrid Style. Pure banjo! I get the product this week, but I am offering it to my Ning friends for a pre-release price of $9.50 including shipping. Also, I will send the printed music to you (electronic PDF) if requested. 

Here is the link 




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So, I was blessed with the magic of Marc Smith's work, as he set Elegant plunk to TAB. It is a free download on my site. Cheers to our Ambassador from Alabama.


Niiiice! Thanks Marc!!

Yes, I second that!  Thanks Marc and Tim!

Very cool. Can't wait to try some of these out. Thanks.

My pleasure, gang! These tunes are simply excellent and I wanted to play them myself...via Tab (since I'm a Tab reader/player). Thankfully, Tim had them fully notated (I'm lousy at transcribing by ear). Also helped that they aren't huge. ;-)

Hopefully I've helped give them a little wider appeal with the Tab option.


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