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The book entitled "Winner's New Primer for the Banjo" from 1864 is my next project. This book is so often overshadowed by Briggs. It contains about 27 easy to medium pieces. Interestingly, it still uses "Briggs' tuning" meaning that the key signature is G or D and references the thumb string with an upward stem as "D". Good pieces....some repetition of songs, but still a little different. NO fingerings are supplied.

I think I can price this at about $12.00. It should be ready in a week or so. TAB.

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OK thanks.

Yea, I just listened to it several times, and it is good. This book should certainly be dusted off and put to use. One thing to it's credit, is that it dos maintain a consistent level of play. It does not leap to difficult stuff. The whole book s playable. As I listen to it, it does have Briggs DNA in it, but also slips over a bit to the others like Rice. No fngerings, I believe, will delight most of you. I am going to have some other versions printed with the fingerings I used, and I'll them to anybody that buys the book. Anyway, I hope this new material is useful to the community. Many titles are known, but it has a few new ones. From a historical perspective, it is useful to see the treatment of ones we already do.

Douglas Rogers got back to me, the book is on its way. Thanks for the help!

The material is about ready to go. It is recorded to CD, and tabs are 2/3 done. I posted an old video of some of this.  

Okay, it's ready to roll. 27 tunes in TAB, plus the CD.

$15.00 including shipping. 

Order here with PayPal http://www.timtwiss.com 

Enhance your repertoire with authentic material that lines up with the "Big Five" of Briggs', Rice, Buckley, and Converse.

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