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I'm selling my like-new Bell Boucher.  It's the top of the line model with a relic job and rosewood veneer.. I bought it to reenact with but it's too pretty and nice for that, and I already have a couple more Bouchers around the house.  It comes with a gigbag.. $500 + shipping and paypal fees.  Send me a message if you want it.  I prefer payment by Paypal, but if you can't do that we may be able to work something out.

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Of all the 'relic' banjos I've made, this one stands out. I almost didn't want to sell it to John, it's NICE. It has a friendly feel, a GREAT sound, and so many little 'aged' details that no amount of pictures could do it justice. Thanks John, and good luck selling it.

Exactly, it's just too nice to take outside to events (and leave it there overnight in the rain, etc.). I'm tempted to hold into it but I need to repair some other instruments in my collection.

I agree- it's a real beauty!   Wish I could make an excuse to buy it, truly.  But alas!   =8-*

I already have a couple more Bouchers around the house.

Where else but here would one read such an amazing thing !

I have definite interest in this, accept my friend request and we will talk.


The banjo is sold pending payment!

Hopefully to me, pending seeing it. With the high recommendation of the maker, it seems a shame not to.

I'll recommend a Bell.....anyday, any time, any banjo. This one's a gem.

Ditto to what Tim says.

Just for closure, John came down to Meriden today, and I did purchase his banjo. It is truly beautiful. Now to learn to play it!

OMG, you are sooooo lucky Leonidas!   What a great banjo!!!   droool droooool....

Heck, call me Lee, all my friends do!

It is so responsive, and so easy to play on, I love it! My wife will miss me, but I'm buying her a new guitar, so she will forgive me. ;)


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