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Any other really FUN songs to play like Buckley's Boston Jig?

So I'm working my way through several other these tunes (Brigg's Jig, Cotton Pod Walk Around, Bee Gum Jig), and they are fun and all, but Buckley's 1860 Boston Jig is really just fun on the hands to play.  It is so bouncy and catchy and just physically fun (best I can describe it).  Any suggestions for other tunes similar to this that I might enjoy?  

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Campbell Hornpipe from Briggs is one of the first stroke style tunes I ever learned, and it's still just as fun.


Also from Briggs, Circus Jig:


I believe one of the first songs I began playing with after I tackled Boston Jig was Harpers Jig which mighta been on same page if I remember correctly

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