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If there are members here who own 7-string banjos I'm interested to poll on the range of neck widths, measured both at the rim end of the finger board and at the nut.

Many thanks.

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I've been entertaining making a seven stringer. Inspired bu this big ol monster. I'm curious how they're tuned as well. But imagine it's pretty wide, especially if it's a minstrel banjo.

That's beautiful. And an interesting example of a 7-string with two short drone strings. More commonly there are 6 long strings and one short drone.

The decoration is not too dissimilar to that found on Tunbridge ware banjos made in Sussex in the mid-19th century. The headstock shape is quite different from those I've seen though. I don't think of these (typically English) 7-stringers as minstrel banjos, but more as regional hybrids adapted from minstrel banjos.

Tuning is usually, but not fixedly, GGCDGBD

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